Four invaluable role playing tips

One of the regular techniques we see interviewers use is to initiate a sales role-play scenario. Employers get to see you in action and to assess how you approach different situations. It’s almost like a try-before-you-buy approach for employers, as they can see how you will interact with their customers and tackle whatever is thrown at you. To help you prepare for this, we’ve got four invaluable role-playing tips to share.

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Deadly interview mistakes to avoid

We know that securing a job interview can be difficult. In competitive markets, recruiters and hiring managers have the luxury of picking from a large pool of suitable candidates and the smallest differences can be used to choose between applicants. So in cases like these it makes sense to do everything you can to optimise your chances of landing the role you’re interviewing for.

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The STAR interview technique for recruiters

As a recruiter, you’ll no doubt develop your own style and process for running interviews with candidates. But how effective is this at getting the information you really need? And the flip side of course, is thinking about how well you fare when sat on the other side of the table and you’re being interviewed for your next recruiter role? Well the Harrison Sands team are here to help by exploring the well-regarded STAR technique and explaining how to get the best out of it.

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