The Harrison Sands mega list of CV errors

As a busy recruitment agency we get to see a huge volume of CVs, directly submitted to us in application to the jobs we advertise or located through the various job boards we subscribe to. And it’s true to say, there really is quite a range when it comes to quality. Some CVs are excellent; really tailored to the individual application or target company, well-written, well-designed and delivering a perfect balance of background information, skills and education, responsibilities and achievements.

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The STAR interview technique for recruiters

As a recruiter, you’ll no doubt develop your own style and process for running interviews with candidates. But how effective is this at getting the information you really need? And the flip side of course, is thinking about how well you fare when sat on the other side of the table and you’re being interviewed for your next recruiter role? Well the Harrison Sands team are here to help by exploring the well-regarded STAR technique and explaining how to get the best out of it.

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Fall in love with recruitment all over again

We’re happily well into the new calendar year now and the January blues are a distant past already, but as the winter weather still has a firm hold over the country, summer holidays can seem a long way off and many of us will be facing challenging targets for the year ahead. So at times like this, we think it’s important to remember why we all fell in love with recruitment in the first place.

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