Being more productive

Now the New Year is fully underway, there’s an opportunity for recruiters to start working more productively. Working smarter, rather than simply harder, should be a goal of any good recruiter… but what does it actually mean?

For us, there are lots of different ways a recruiter can make themselves more productive, but we’ve outlined some we’ve found can really make a difference.

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5 reasons not to give up job searching at Christmas

In a competitive market, finding a job – let alone the right job – can be hard. And logically, you might think that finding a new role at Christmas will be even harder. But we’re here to tell you that there are some very good reasons why you should not give up job searching at Christmas.

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Fundamental CV writing tips

Writing a good CV should be a priority for any jobseeker. It’s typically the first opportunity a recruiter or employer has to interact with a jobseeker, so conveying the right information, clearly and concisely is of paramount importance.

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Productive home working tips

As more and more employers provide flexible and home working as a regular option, it’s worth exploring some of our top tips for productive home working.

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Maximising recruiter productivity

The difference between being a good recruiter and being a great recruiter is usually defined by little more than the amount you bill. So how do you go about maximising your productivity and ensuring you’re the GREAT biller that you know you are?

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Why counter offers rarely work

Regardless of which sector or profession you work in, it’s a fact of life that most of us will be on either the receiving or delivering end of a counter offer. In our experience, and from the anecdotal feedback we’ve had from clients and candidates over the years, it’s a simple fact that counter offers don’t work long term.

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